About Us

The Grips Challenge breaks down the technical aspects of tennis to clearly communicate the steps needed for kids to progress through the program while significantly improving their tennis skills. The program was created and developed by tennis pro, Aaron Fox. The Grips Challenge is well thought out and organized in a way that motivates kids and pushes them to do their very best in order to proceed to the next level of the challenge.

The three key components of our program are to captivate, motivate, and reward the kids for their hard work. This sounds so simple, but it can be tricky, which is why this program is the missing puzzle piece for coaches that helps lay the path for their student’s success. It provides a uniform structure to measure the kid’s growth as an athlete and tennis player.

We have a designed a way for the coaches to track the players progress using a specially designed online program which they can access on-the-go.  The program allows coaches to input information right on the court and brings instant structure to their lesson plan!